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        January 2017
Next year is the tenth anniversary of
Jazz Performance and Education Centre (JPEC),
and we want to start thanking you now for your support over the years.
There's a lot happening with JPEC and with jazz around the world.
So to keep you informed about it all, we'll be sending you
E/Note four times a year.
We hope you'll see us as your go-to jazz information post
in the months ahead. Oh, and by the way...
Happy New Year!

Spring is Here

Ella Fitzgerald

Win Tickets to a Celebration of
Ella Fitzgerald.

Go to for clues to Ella's great music. There are 7 songs to be found but you only need to guess 3 of them and tell us the clue you got it from. The first three people to guess correctly will each receive a pair of tickets to JPEC's celebration of Ella on March 18. Contest ends February 20 and names will be announced on March 5, 2017.

Full Spring Schedule

Toronto Centre for the Arts

March 4 - Greenwin Theatre

Double the fun!

1st set - Amanda Tosoff (piano) Quintet

2nd set - Barbra Lica (vocal) Quintet

March 18 - Studio Theatre

Up Close and Personal

Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra Plays Ella

This is an opportunity to enjoy seeing a big band in an intimate setting.

1st set - Darcy presents well-known repertoire from Big Band greats such as Thad Jones and Bob Brookmeyer

2nd set - Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald 100th birthday with Sophia Perlman (Vocals)

April 8 - Studio Theatre

All in the Family

Eddie Bullen Plus

1st set - Father and Son - Duelling pianos
  Eddie Bullen and Quincy

2nd set - Caribbean Jazz Collective
  Eddie Bullen
  Joaquin Hidalgo

Artists to Watch for According to Billboard

From NYC Winter Jazzfest

A-list connections aside, WJF is an ideal place to find jazz's ever-sought "next big things" - here are five names from the festival you'll likely be hearing much more from in the coming months.

Camila Meza: The Chilean singer and guitarist is making waves on the NYC scene these days.

Keyon Harrold: A session trumpeter, the St. Louis-born horn player was the sound behind Don Cheadle's take on Miles Davis in recent film Miles Ahead, and he's just released a new album.

Makaya McCraven: Chicago-based drummer experimenting with all shades of rhythm, easily tying jazz to a wide-range of international influences.

Emile Parisien Quartet: Parisien and his (you guessed it) French compatriots brought a taste of the continental avant-garde to Tribeca.

Kris Bowers: Meditative riffs erupted into rock-tinged jams that drew a listless crowd close, as with most of the sets at the lively, youth-centric festival.

Congratulations to Sybil Walker for Ken Page Memorial Trust Lifetime Achievement Award.
Jordan and Walker
Sheila Jordan and Sybil Walker

Sybil Walker, who for 15 years ran the Top o' the Senator jazz club (1990-2005) and has been the general manager of Jazz Bistro since its doors opened in 2013 is 2016's recipient of the Ken Page Memorial Trust Lifetime Achievement Award. Sybil told JPEC:

"The Ken Page Memorial Trust has made a great contribution to the lives of musicians and jazz lovers alike and it is a very great honour to be named as one of their life time achievement award recipients. To join the ranks with people who have been friends throughout my jazz career, people I have respected for their individual achievements has been very heartwarming". Congratulate Sybil when you visit the Jazz Bistro. (see from Ori's Stories, Ori Dagan, Oct. 26, WholeNote for full story.)

Outreach Highlights

Outreach 1

Did you know that JPEC is a charity and delivers over 50 jazz workshops a year to school children in the GTA. JPEC, at no cost to the schools, organizes, pays the musicians, meets with teachers and brings a music and a jazz lesson to a ton of kids.

Here are the schools completed or planned for this school year:

Oct 20, 2016 - James S. Bell Junior and Middle Sports and Wellness Academy

Outreach 2

Oct 28, 2016 - Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy

Outreach 3

Nov 14, 2016 - Victoria Village Public School

Outreach 4

Jan 18, 2017 - Driftwood Public School

Outreach 5

Mar   6, 2017 - Macklin Public School


If you'd like to donate to this program or become involved as an educator or in any other way, go to our website and then to Education to learn more.

Songs of the Season
Watch for Songs of the Season from JPEC. Our esteemed leaders, Ray and
Rochelle Koskie will choose their favourite love songs (February); Spring songs
(April), summer (June) and fall (October). We'll pass them on to you for your
entertaining and just plain enjoyment.

Where to go to hear live jazz

JazzFm - In the Clubs: under Events

Straight ahead: